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Jade Exhibition Ltd. was found in 2012, a local business in Canada. It is also a joint company of Jade Displays International Corp. which has many years of experience in the exhibition industry in Asia.

We are here from brainstorm, event planning, marketing strategy, cost comparison, locations, to post-show data analytics and future development.

We’ve succeeded in this field and been recognized by many clients in the past 20 years. We insist that keep focusing on every detail and it’s the way we build trust.

system frame
" T-TRUSS ".

affordable booth system
quality apperance

concept & design

Executive booth frame system invented by Jade Displays International Corp. The systems usually consist of various prefabricated loose components of pre-determined dimensions that can be assembled on-site to create display setups and booths according to the requirements defined in the design. Often the systems are assembling on-site, which can be time-consuming. However, the time is usually limited during installation and dismantlement at the trade show.

The new pre-assembled system frame can be easily configured and extended to create desirable exhibits on-site. It is also desirable that such a portable system can be conveniently disassembled to their pre-assembled form.

Less Cost, More Features

The time-consuming is the key to determine the cost of the trade show. Our patented recognition is the new generation of construction material which primarily replace the pipe and drape.

The pre-assembled system frame has a hardwall system alike appearance which enhances the quality of the exhibition by the way it looks. Furthermore, the participating exhibitors can obtain more options for upgrading accessories such as full panel and signage graphic printings, lightings, and etc.

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management & coordination

Jade Exhibition Ltd. has the ability of organizing which is the essential skill to manage the entire trade show. Our executive team is capable of multi-tasking.


in-house techs & workmen

We have our own fleet whose qualified, well-trained, and experienced and they are always ready to rock in and finish within the schedule.



We work as a team, communication is the key to achieve our goal. We handle all kinds of inquiries or issues from the exhibitors and attendees from pre-show to the end of the show. 


on-site service

On-site service provides you a standby or immediate response to any issues that may occur at the show.


This gallery below is our current project, Real Estate & Home Expo as known as Real Home Expo (RHE).